So Close To Home


You sometimes forget to make the most of where you are. Lately i’ve been cursing the fact that we live in such an industrial city, especially when the shunting coal trains wake me at 3am. But this week we were reminded just how beautiful this area can be.

Autumn has come and so has the rain. The recent wet weather and warm temperatures made our recent trip to the Watagan National Park all the more spectacular. We started our little hike late in the afternoon and were struck with the immediate “coolth” that enveloped us once we penetrated the canopy.  The rainforest  was dipping and verdant, the path shrouded in a think layer of humous, fungi bursting out of the decaying timbers and of course and the leeches were stretching out with all their might to latch onto us as we passed. The track winds its way through the forest and under a sandstone overhang tricking with water before plunging down to the base of the falls. It was a slippery decent at times and we were starting to question the tracks “easy” rating, but the cool spray hitting you in the face as the waterfall toppled over the cliffs into the cool pools below made it more than worth it (now for the climb back out!). Hard to believe this piece of paradise is only 45mins drive from the centre of our city.