Chemex How To


So these new coffee filters arrived and although i had the general idea on how they worked, i thought i should do a little bit of research to make sure i was doing it right. Lucky the amazing guys at Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland OR have posted this straight forward explanation (with pictures!) on how to get the most out of your Chemex.

Click here to view their website: Chemex How To by Stumptown Coffee Roaster


Juniper Ridge


Juniper Ridge

If you haven’t already experience the heady aromas of Juniper Ridges Scents, Soaps and Incenses you will not understand why we are so excited to be bringing their products to Newcastle. The guys at JR sustainably harvest wild herbs, foliage, moss, twigs… whatever they come across while hiking i guess, and extract the fragrance of the wilderness using an old whisky distill. The Sweet Grass Camp Fire Incense is a personal favourite.